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For business to succeed today, it is essential to look at Leadership. But that is not enough. Sustainability, Ethics, and Values are equally, or even more, important for your customers. An increasing number of persons chose to use products and services from organizations they perceive as being just.


Only sufficiently mature leaders are courageous and see business and the World Holistically.  They understand that we have created huge problems, the climate crisis, and need to consider it in all our actions.  In spite of and in addition these leaders do inspire their people, surf in the turbulent changing VUCA world with focus and peace of Mind.


My mission is guided by the aspiration to " Save the Planet". This I do by contributing to the empowerment of executive leaders, managers and teams by supporting their growth and maturation. With wider mindset and clarity they  create supportive, inclusive organizational cultures for all people to thrive in, while caring for the climate, economical justice and for the sake of healing our planet.


...and results will follow!



With over 3 000 hours, about 300 persons and a few teams, of coaching experience and some 15 000 hours of Gestalt psychotherapy with groups and individuals, I believe I can say that I understand the Human Being, her aspirations, needs, behaviors and reactions.  I'm an expert in human facilities. 


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Vertical Gestalt Coaching - Exec Personal


For Executives to build self-leadership and psychological safety, work with less stress and more balance. To grow in personal maturity.

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Vertical Gestalt Coaching - Teams


For your team to flourish with trust, honest communication, high aspirations and clear systems


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Vertical Holistic Leadership Profile


This Profile is designed to enable executives to more rapidly and easily access Vertical Leadership Development. It gives an extensive introduction to the theory of Vertical Development, working sheets and much more.



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Vertical Mindset Indicator - VMI

This sentence filling profile is developed by Jan Rybeck and Nick Petri in association with Adeption.
This profile offers a view of your current maturation stage, with succinct and clear descriptions of benefits and obstacles + the next steps forward of your journey in Life.
I am certified in the use of the VMI.
A 30 minutes introduction

Vertical Evolution:

Like a Plant - From Seed to Fruit 

Optimal regulation of DNA is seen as fluent, vibrant life of a cell and as deep purpose, a high level of self – directed activity leading to sustainable results - a long life. Vertical Leadership is the optimal regulation of enterprise DNA.

A tree has to adopt to its changing environment. It has to listen, adjust, regulate the function of its DNA to stay alive and thrive. Recent research shows how interconnected trees in a forest are, through the network of mycorrhiza they share nutrients and water. This works as a model for an ecosystem of organizations.  With Leadership.

With mature Synergist/ Strategist leaders, the enterprise runs as smoothly as a well organized plant cell or a tree.

The world of today needs mature, Teal or Synergist leaders for us all to thrive. For us as Humankind to save the Planet, our home.




Why Vertical Development?

It is a Proven Fast Track, 4 Times More Effective in 10 % of Invested Time



As a StageSHIFT partner Nordic DNA Coaching & Consulting  promises vertical outcomes fast. We offer transformative executive and team coaching, that goes to the heart of identity to expedite vertical evolution.

In terms of Vertical Development, only leaders with a high level of maturity (Synergist/Stragegist) are able to guide others with agility, rise above the disruption, build innovative and collaborative partnerships, and lead systemic transformation. Today, only 8% of executive leaders profile here and their proportion has only been growing at the rate of 1% per decade (PwC-Harthill).

A research study showed that 30% of participants in a deliberately developmental program shifted to a later stage following over 20 days in offsite leadership programs (Vincent, 2015).

In a one year long StageSHIFT Coaching process, 100% of the strategic leaders engaged shifted one stage  and 20% two stages to Synergist (Braks, 2020).

Vertical Gestalt with Nordic DNA Coaching & Consulting



The StageSHIFT Model of Human Maturation

The model is based on research by Maslow, Cook-Greuter,  O´Fallon and Braks.



ScD Marianne Borg Hyökki

Sc D, MA OMD, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), StageSHIFT, Supervision & Mentor Coaching Certificates, Gestalt Psychotherapist

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Marianne Borg Hyökki is passionate about transforming leadership, creating thriving and sustainable enterprises, and regenerating the planet. She has coached and mentored hundreds of leaders, managers, coaches and individuals to find purpose, balance, direction, to resolve past shadows and release energy, gain clarity, flourish and evolve personally and professionally.


Her background in Science and Gestalt Psychotherapy and her deep understanding of the human condition enables her to inspire strategic leaders in their transformative inner journeys.


She invites leaders who set clear strategies and processes in a completely new, structured, evidence-based manner. Leaders who listen, include, inspire and support - or have an aspiration to do so. Leaders who evolve themselves and their enterprises to ensure the sustainability of people, society, the environment and economy now and in the future.

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Conceptual Models

DNA, Cells & Science

Vertical Gestalt Coaching & Consulting

StageSHIFT Transformative Coaching & Consulting

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A Quantum Shift, the Full Potential of Your Leadership and Enterprise DNA.

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